Thursday, February 24, 2011

Japanese and English Language Table

Japanese Language Table- Setsubun Night

(Bean-Throwing Ceremony)-

There is a major change at Language Table this year. Please read it carefully.

This invitation is strictly limited to Japanese language learners and native speakers of Japanese.

Date: Friday, February 25, 2011

Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00pm

Place: Japan Center

705 Barbour Dr, Raleigh, Nc 27603

Email: (English) or (Japanese)

Participation fee: $1.00

Our original purpose of having language table was to provide an opportunity for our students to practice speaking Japanese with native speakers of Japanese. However, recently eating and English conversation have gained a greater focus than speaking Japanese or participating in language activities.

This year we will switch our focus back to Japanese conversation and cultural learning. We will invite more native speakers of Japanese so that two or three students can have the conversation with one Japanese speaker. Japanese teachers will sit together with students instead of serving food. Every gathering, a conversation worksheet based on FLJ 102 contents will be provided to help carry on a Japanese conversation.

For food, we will serve simply onigiri (rice balls) and tea, and will lower the participation fee to $1.00. If you want to eat something else, you can bring your own dinner or eat your dinner before language table.

Every month, we will have one cultural presentation, its follow up activity, and language activities. The following are our plans for this semester.

Februrary: Setsubun night

March: Hinamatsuri (girl’s festival), Japanese speech and Japanese parody song night

April: “Are you ready for the Final Exam ? “ activities and the end of the semester party!

(Japanese dinner will be provided!)

The following is our program this month.

Onirigi and conversation time: 6:00~7:00pm (no more food after 7:00pm.)

(A worksheet to help your Japanese conversation will be provided.)

Presentation on Setsubun in Japanese and English by Nihongo Club 7:00~

Activities: learn how to make origami boxes for soybeans.

: “Demons out! Luck in!" outside of Japan Center

: eat soybeans

: Fun Japanese game time: acchi muite hoi!

Additional notes:

(1) We use real plates and chop sticks. Please help us wash them after language table.

We have a sign-up sheet for cleaning. Please take turns sign up for this volunteer work.

Do not throw chopsticks away.

(2) Use only the kitchen trash can. Do not throw any trash in any other trash cans in the Japan Center.

(3) We will make onigiri starting from 4:30 on Language table day at Japan Center. If you can help us or want to learn

how to make it, please contact me at

Are you willing to practice speaking Japanese, participating activities and learning Japanese culture? Join us! If you have any questions, please contact me. See you at Language Table!

Keiko Ueda Lecturer of Japanese, NCSU


  1. Konnban wa Keiko Ueda sensei, Boku wa Lacy desu. Nihongo go sukoshi o hanashimasu. Gakusei masen desu. Anata wa nihongo ga kaittemashita suki desu.

    PFC Lacy, Aaron desu

  2. I am a Japanese learner and I have gone to a few events at the NC Japan Center in the past, but I am not a NCSU student. Can non students still participate?